Please take the time to read through these detailed instructions and explanations as it will help you narrow down your search.  (PRINT SO YOU CAN EASILY FOLLOW THE STEPS).  Available as a PDF Under Buyer’s forms Tab.

Conducting your own search for a business you want to own is a more efficient and time saving than having a broker do it for you. This way you can see all the opportunities available and select which ones you want to get more information on. Once you have completed this initial search, Suncoast Business Consultants will help you obtain the requested information and guide you through the process of buying your business.

How to use the Search Field on the “Search Businesses” Webpage.

Within the “Search Businesses” webpage you can search available businesses throughout the entire state of Florida. Although most of the businesses listed are in Florida there are a few listings in other states as well as other countries.

  1. Select the “County” where you want to search for your business.
  2. Choose the “Business Category” then click on “Display Categories & Sub-categories” to find specific types of businesses within the category. You can also just click on “Display Categories & Sub-categories” and select specific business types within different industries.
  3. Then select your criteria for Minimum and Maximum Selling Price.  (If  your maximum selling price is $500,000 then you should select $750,000 as there might be some opportunities priced slightly above the Max price you are willing to pay and you don’t want to miss them).
  4. Minimum Adjusted Net is the minimum amount of money you want to earn annually from owning the business. You should have flexibility here as well. Slight changes in the daily business operations will often significantly increase the money you can earn.
  5. Click on “Advanced Search Options
  • This shows listings modified in the last ___ Days. This allows you to see the Newest listings posted online. ex. Listings modified or added in the last 7 DAYS.  
  • The Serial Boxes – Relocatable, Home Based, Franchises, Lender Pre-Qualified further narrow down your search.
    • Relocatable – Can be an internet business, manufacturing, distributing, service related. Basically, a business that does not have a physical store front. It is possible to relocate based on convenience and cost saving factors and in general this should not affect the operations or profitability.
    • Home Based – Many people are looking for a home-based opportunity. Internet with drop shipping, service related where you go to the client, Real Estate Services are some examples.
    • Franchises – There are Resale as well as new Franchise opportunities listed. In addition, we work with well known Franchises in many different industries. Franchises offer Brand recognition and guidance as well as proven business model.
    • Lender Pre-Qualified – These are businesses submitted to a bank or lender which based on the businesses characteristics and financials has been pre-approved for a loan if the buyer also qualifies. Most of the time this is an SBA Loan.
  1. Businesses that May Qualify for a VISA – If you are searching for an E2 or L1 Visa you can narrow down your search by clicking on this serial box.
  2. Real Estate – Click the applicable Box. Depending on whether you want to buy a business that also includes the real estate. In some instances, the Real Estate is available for an additional price.
  3. Data Source: Tax returns will provide the sales and expenses reported to the IRS. P&L should have the same information.

***Businesses that are Owner to Prove or Owner Estimate may not have accurate financials. This does not mean they are not profitable businesses only that you will need to find alternate ways to verify the information.

***If you are interested in obtaining an SBA Loan or other bank financing then do not select “Owner to Prove or Owner Estimate” as most times these businesses will have a very hard time qualifying for an SBA Loan.

  1. Click on “Start Search” and you will see businesses available according to your criteria.

You will see the Type of Business, The Asking Price, How much the owner is earning from the business and the Annual sales.

Click for more details and you will see

  • A detailed description of the business
  • Additional information such as if the business is relocatable, home based, a franchise, lender pre-qualified or May qualify for VISA.
  • Additional financials such as if accounts receivable are included in the price, if inventory is included, value of any Leasehold improvements, value of Furniture Fixtures, Equipment (FFE) and if Real Estate is Available or included in the asking price.
  • You will also find the brokerage contact information on each of the listings.
  1. If you are interested in obtaining addition information, click on “CLICK HERE FOR CONFIDENTIALITY/DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT”.
  • A window will pop up and you will able to enter your information. After you click continue, the next screen will inform you to check your email to find the NDA for review and electronic signature.
  • In your email’s inbox click the link that says “Click Here to sign the NDA”. You will then verify your information and sign your name. Click “Adopt and Sign”

The system will notify  Suncoast Business Consultants  and then we will send the requested information.

You can repeat this process for every listing you are interested in.

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