Brian Zoberg,
Lic. Real Estate Broker

Suncoast Business Consultants has access to a few thousand businesses for sale at a given time ranging from small, one person operations that are home based to larger multi-million dollar enterprises. Many are listed for sale on this website.

The website is updated daily. Some opportunities are not listed as they are considered “pocket listings”, meaning the seller does not want the business commercially marketed at the current time. Our firm can assist you in sorting through the listings and finding the right business for you and your family.

We also have listings that should qualify for an SBA loan, allowing you to leverage your money and often times providing an excellent cash on cash return after paying the debt service. Suncoast Business Consultants can recommend several banks and loan brokers to assist with obtaining SBA loans in Miami as well as all of South Florida.

We work with local, out of state and international buyers. The businesses we have for sale are broken down by category, price and various other factors to make your search easier. Many qualify for an E2/ L1/ EB5 VISAS or have been pre-approved for SBA financing.

The General Process Of Buying A Business Is Outlined As Follows :
  1. Identify several businesses from our website.
  2. Electronically sign NDA – Confidentiality Agreement for each business of interest to you.
  3. Provide “Proof of Funds” or complete financial statement if requested.
  4. Receive detailed, highly confidential information about the business.
  5. Conduct independent research about the specific business such as internet searches,  reviews, location, studies etc…
  6. Arrange for a conference call or discreet meeting with the business owner either on or off site. (Depends on specific situation).
  7. Do not speak to employees or customers about the sale. This is highly confidential and most business owners DO NOT WANT their employees or customers to know about the possible sale.
  8. Review additional information and prepare an offer to purchase the business. Your offer will either be accepted, denied or counter offered.
  9. Once offer is accepted you more than likely place money into escrow to conduct due diligence on the business. You will begin the loan application process if applicable, complete application to landlord for lease transfer and decide if the business in Right for YOU!
  10. After you complete due diligence, lease transfer assignment and any other applicable licensing or VISA requirements you can proceed to closing.
  11. After closing you will usually have a training period to learn about the the day to day routines and procedures of the business.

The above is a general outline. The process can be relatively easy or might be more involved depending on the type of business you will purchase.