Suncoast Business Consultants partners with international agents who have interest in collaborating on business brokerage and commercial real estate transactions or franchise opportunities.

Please contact us if you have clients who would like to pursue business ownership in Florida.

We have access to hundreds of business listings for sale as well as some which are “pocket listings” and not known to the general public.  We can also keep you updated when a business becomes available which meets your client’s criteria.

Also, consider consulting with us if you have clients interested in owning a franchise in the U.S.  or introducing or expanding a franchise concept in your country. Many franchisors have opportunities available to develop international territories. We have relationships with franchise opportunities in many different industries. Some are new concepts and others are well experienced operations. As many as one in three franchisors have a presence in other countries besides the United States. Suncoast Business Consultants can work with you and your clients to determine what is the best match and start the process of opening a single franchise unit or master territory.

We have business opportunities and new as well as resale franchises that should qualify for VISA investment in the U.S.

We pay generous referral fees and commissions (when allowed by law). Please contact us for further information and to discuss forming a business relationship with our firm.

Ques: May a Florida licensed real estate broker pay an out-of-state licensee a referral fee?

Ans: Yes. Section 475.25(1)(h), Florida Statutes, allows a Florida licensed real estate broker to share compensation with a foreign licensee as long as the foreign licensee does not violate Florida law. The foreign licensee would not be permitted to come to Florida physically and engage in real estate activity as defined by Section 475.01(1)(a), Florida Statutes. Before paying the referral fee, the Florida licensed broker should verify that the foreign licensee is licensed to practice real estate in his or her state or foreign jurisdiction as the Florida licensee may need to pay the fee to the foreign licensee’s broker.

Ques: As a broker, may I pay a referral fee to my sister, who lives in a country without real estate licensing laws?

Ans: Section 475.25(1)(h), Florida Statutes, permits a “licensed broker of this state to share a real estate brokerage commission with a broker licensed or registered under the laws of a foreign state so long as the foreign broker does not violate any law of this state.”

It’s been FREC’s position that a Florida broker may pay a referral fee or share a commission with someone from a foreign country that lacks licensing requirements so long as: 1) the person has not violated the laws/regulations of the country where the referral is being made and; 2) the person has not violated Florida law.

Source: Florida Realtors Association –