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How Does Your Business Compare?

When considering the value of your company, there are basic value drivers. While it is difficult to place a specific value on them, one can take a look and make a “ballpark” judgment on each. How does your company look?

Value DriverLowMediumHigh
Business TypeLittle DemandSome DemandHigh Demand
Business GrowthLowSteadyHigh & Steady
Market ShareSmallSteady GrowthLarge & Growing
ProfitsUnsteadyConsistentGood & Steady
ManagementUnder StaffedOkayAbove Average
Customer BaseNot SteadyFairly SteadyWide & Growing
LitigationSomeOccasionallyNone in Years
SalesNo GrowthSome GrowthGood Growth
Industry TrendOkaySome GrowthGood Growth

The possible value drivers are almost endless, but a close look at the ones above should give you some idea of where your business stands. Don’t just compare against businesses in general, but specifically consider the competition.
As part of your overall exit strategy, what can you do to improve your company?

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