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Buying a business is often the first step towards financial and personal freedom. Many people dream of going out on their own one day and having the ability to control their own destiny. However, for one reason or another most never do. The initial thought of finding a sustainable business and then running it successfully on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Dealing with employees, payroll, government regulations, keeping up with the competition and changes in the business landscape require a tremendous commitment.

With that said, thousands of viable businesses are sold every year. Some are struggling, need new direction and fresh management but others are thriving enterprises. They may be placed for sale due to a variety of reasons such as retirement, disability, death, divorce, illness, partnership split or simple burn out (wake up one day and decide you just want to do something else).

Suncoast Business Consultants has access to hundreds of businesses for sale ranging from small, single operator, home based businesses to larger multi-million dollar enterprises.  Many of these businesses are listed for sale on this website. The website is updated daily. Others are not listed as they are considered “pocket listings”, meaning the seller does not want the business commercially marketed at the current time. Our firm can assist you in sorting through the listings and finding the right business for you and your family.

When a new buyer contacts our firm we will ask a series of questions designed to evaluate your ambitions, but also realities. We will go over your interests, knowledge and education, financial capabilities, geographical preferences, time commitments, decision making ability and other related information.

Keep an open mind, just because you are set on one particular type of business be aware that there might be better opportunities available to you. Remember, as an owner your focus will not only be working in the business  but working on the business. As a small business owner you will oversee the  management, marketing, expansion and branding of the operation.

Be prepared to sign a non-circumvention and non disclosure agreement. This protects the seller as well as our firm. If you make an offer and it is subsequently accepted, you will have access to private and often times proprietary information. The sale of any business is confidential and you will be expected to respect and follow the agreement that you signed.

It is also recommended that you consult with qualified professionals such as CPA’s/accountants, attorneys and insurance agents. If the business is going to qualify for an employment VISA you should also consult with an immigration attorney.

During due diligence the seller will provide access to financial records, business operations, employee job descriptions, contracts, suppliers, licenses, permits, trade secrets etc… You will review these documents with your advisors and then make your decision.

Suncoast Business Consultants will not only help you identify and narrow down your choice of potential businesses but will also help facilitate and guide the transaction to a successful closing.

After all that (It is an exhausting, often times emotionally filled process).

Now You are in Business – Congratulations!!

Please go to Buyer Forms page for detailed description of Process to Buying a Business

Complete Buyer Profile (Buyer Forms Page) and email, or fax to our attention (Fax #: 305-847-0395). This is the first step in buying a business with Suncoast Business Consultants. Once we have this on file we can update you when a business meeting your criteria becomes available.